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    OIL-X ACS 'Point Of Use' Oil Vapour Removal Filter

    Activated carbon filters for the removal of oil vapour and hydrocarbon odours, providing a maximum remaining oil content of <0.003mg/m3 (<0.003ppm) @ 21°C (70°F)....
    電話:024-24821780 024-24820128
    手機:18525026592 18525026580 18525026591 13840329481 18698892334

    Oil vapour is oil in a gaseous form and will pass straight through coalescing filters which are designed to remove liquid oil and oil aerosols, Parker domnick hunter recommend activated carbon adsorption filter technology for the removal of oil vapour. 

    OIL-X Grade ACS 'point of use' oil vapour removal filters are used for smaller flow rate applications and applications where more frequent element changes can be tolerated.

    Features and Benefits
    • High efficiency 'point of use' filters

    • Protects downstream equipment and processes

    • Provides high quality, clean, oil free compressed air to international standards

    • Reduced cost of ownership

    • Enhanced health and safety

    • Suitable for all types of air compressor and compatible with all compressor lubricants

    • Manufactured in accordance with ISO9001

    • Tested in accordance with the requirements of ISO8573-5

    Sizing and Selection
    Important Note: For quoted air purity performance, compressed air filters must be sized correctly for minimum operating pressure and maximum inlet flow rate using the correction factors found in the Product Information Sheet.

    Please note: The lifetime of the activated carbon material can vary and is dependent on the contamination type and quantity and also on the humidity of the compressed air. 

    For more information or a detailed discussion about your specific requirements please contact Parker or an authorised Parker distributor.

    過濾器類型   Oil Vapour Removal
    殘油含量   '0.003 mg/m³ - 0.003 ppm(w) @ 21°C (70°F)
    最大流量 (cfm)   13 to 18380 @ 100 psig
    最小操作壓力(barg)   1
    最小操作壓力(psig)   15
    最大操作壓力(barg)   16 and 20
    最大操作壓力(psig)   232 and 290
    最小操作溫度(C)   2
    最小操作溫度(F)   35
    最高操作溫度(C)   50
    最高操作溫度(F)   122
    重量(公斤)   0.8 to 580
    重量(磅)   1.1 to 7.6
    高度(毫米)   154 to 733
    高度(英寸)   6.1 to 28.9
    寬度(毫米)   76 to 129
    寬度(英寸)   3 to 5.1
    深度(毫米)   64 to 115
    深度(英寸)   2.5 to 4.5
    替換濾芯型號   Grade PACS - Single stage. Grades AA & AC - Double Stage. Codes dependent on filter size.
    品牌   Parker domnick hunter

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