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    Master Cylinders

    Parker’s reservoir type master cylinders are designed for long, reliable service life and feature a reservoir integrated into the housing. This eliminates the need for a separate, remotely mounted reservoir....
    電話:024-24821780 024-24820128
    手機:18525026592 18525026580 18525026591 13840329481 18698892334

    Master cylinders are located in the cockpit on each of the pilot’s rudder pedals. They are used to turn a force into a pressure to actuate the brakes on an aircraft. By integrating the reservoir directly into the master cylinder housing, Parker has eliminated the need for a separate, remotely mounted reservoir.

    There are several advantages to this fewer fittings translates into fewer possible leak paths and the elimination of the need to find a remote location for a reservoir in a space-limited aircraft. This also means there are fewer parts to inspect and maintain, no need for a hydraulic line between the remote reservoir and the master cylinder, and weight savings.

    Parker offers a version with a reservoir designed into the cylinder. It eliminates the need for a remote reservoir located in the firewall area, giving easier control over the system and less line from the brake assembly.

    The reservoir capacity ranges from 2 to 3.4 cubic inches with strokes from 1.2 to 1.75 inches. Total volumetric output is 0.36 to 0.77 cubic inches. Ports are 1/8-27 NPT thread, which is common in the general aviation market.

    General aviation, light jets, turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft.

    ? Fewer fittings, meaning fewer leak paths
    ? Space-saving advantage, no need for a remote reservoir
    ? Fewer parts to inspect and maintain
    ? Aluminum housing offers weight savings
    ? Anodized housing and stainless steel rod provides corrosion protection
    ? No hydraulic line required connecting remote reservoir and master cylinder
    ? Adjustable clevis allows length adjustment for ease of installation on aircraft
    ? Nitrile seals accommodate multiple fluids
    ? American made

    ? Rod ends
    ? Fitting types
    ? Bore sizes
    ? Strokes
    ? Reservoir volume


    滿足工業標準 MIL-PRF-5606, MIL-PRF-83282 and MIL-PRF-87257
    重量(磅) 0.32 to 1.05
    殼體材料 Aluminum
    桿子類型 Stainless steel
    排量(cu in/rev) 0.42 to 1.015
    長度(英寸) 5.25 to 11.535
    Copyright ? 沈陽創世榆力液壓設備有限公司 版權所有



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    18525026591 ????13840329481


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