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    HLE100-RB Belt Driven, Roller Wheel, Rodless Linear Actuator

    HLE100-RB actuators incorporate high strength timing belt, guided by low friction, heavy-duty roller wheels, inside a sealed housing. With load capacity to 1552N and speeds up to 5m/s, HLE-RB's are optimized for high speed, single or multi-axis system...
    電話:024-24821780 024-24820128
    手機:18525026592 18525026580 18525026591 13840329481 18698892334

    The HLE-RB series of linear actuators is an extremely rugged and industrially hardened linear actuator that offers high speed, high acceleration and long travel lengths, combined with a stiff, rigid construction. It is ideally suited for use in either single axis configurations or high speed, multi-axis, gantry systems The HLE-RB carriage is rigidly supported on three sides by heavy duty, poly-amide roller wheels housed inside of a rugged aluminum housing, and offer a steel wheel option for elevated loading conditions. The bearing wheels are pre-loaded to eliminate play in the system and strategically located along the carriage to evenly distribute load across the length of the carriage.

    With thousands of units in operation worldwide the HLE is truly a proven performer in its ability to offer long-life and trouble free operation. The HLE utilizes a high strength, steel reinforced belt and pulley drive train that provides fast, highly repeatable positioning of the carriage. The mounting of the belt to the carriage is designed to enable easy replacement of the belt without the need to remove the payload, while simultaneously providing a very rigid connection. The drive pulley assembly is designed to accept planetary gear reducers as well as a wide variety of servo and stepper motors. Special carriage lengths and linear units with multiple carriages are available for custom applications.  

    HLE100-RB Belt Driven, Roller Wheel, Rodless Linear Actuator Features:
    • Profile Width : 100mm
    • Load capacities up to 1552 N
    • Thrust force capacities up to 1115 N
    • Standard travel up to 6200mm (longer strokes available - consult factory)
    • Velocity up to 5 m/s
    • Positional repeatability of +/- 0.2mm
    • Rugged construction for heavy duty applications
    • Timing belt and pulley drive mechanism for fast, accurate positioning
    • Seal Strip (IP30) for additional environmental protection
    • Low wear and low particle generation (clean room suitable to class 100)
    • T-slot mounting along actuator body and carriage


    輪廓寬度(毫米)   100
    驅動類型   Belt
    軸承類型   Roller Wheel - Polyamide
    最大沖程(毫米)   6200 (single profile) / 20000 (max by splicing)
    最大沖程(英寸)   244
    最大速度(米/秒)   5
    最大速度(英寸/秒)   200
    最大加速度(米/ s2)   10
    最大加速度(英寸/ s2)   393
    最大推力FX (牛頓)   1115
    最大推力FX (磅)   251
    典型載荷FZ(N)   100 - 1552
    最大有效載荷FZ(牛頓)   1552
    位置可重復性(+ / -毫米)   0.2
    位置可重復性(+ / -英寸)   0.008
    惰輪單元選擇   Yes
    額外的保護選項   Steel Strip Cover
    耐腐蝕的選擇   -
    證書   Cleanroom Certified (up to Class 100 / ISO Class 5)
    線性反饋裝置   No
    IP評級   IP30
    Copyright ? 沈陽創世榆力液壓設備有限公司 版權所有



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    18525026591 ????13840329481


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